Definition of Non-verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is an instinctive type of communication as compared to verbal communication. In our daily life,  we are involved with such communication consciously or unconscionably. Many thoughts, expressions or feelings are reflected through such communication. A close analysis or thinking for a moment can be sufficient to sort out how much time do we get to perform such communication.

Non-verbal communication is mostly unstructured and there is no book regarding the language or vocabulary regarding such communication. When we smile or when we frown or when we show our gloomy face, We are actually reflecting non-verbal communication. Therefore, without our consent or consciousness our emotions are expressed through our faces or movements. Here we are communicating without words i.e. non-verbal communication.

For Example
By handshaking with another person, we show our feelings or greetings. We we are so happy, we may clap, When we draw attention by eye, we are responding each other. All are these example of Non-verbal communication. 

So, it clearly defines that non-verbal communication is such communication for which we don't need to use word but symbol. Our conscious mind or unconscious mind reflect non-verbal communication as the way of body movement.

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