Media of Mass Communication

Media which are used for sending message to a large number of audiences at home and abroad are known as mass media. Such mass media can be two types:
  1. Direct Mass Media
  2. Indirect Mass Media

Both the types of mass media are explained below:

1. Direct Mass Media: Here message is circulated directly to the audience through the following media:

(i) Audio Media: Radio is the best audio media. Through this medium advertisement, govt. message, order, announcement or circular are widely spread for public interest and consumption. Besides microphones and record players also act as audio media. When message are sent through this media,  audiences receive them by the ear. So, such media are particularly important for illiterate group.

(ii) Audio-Visual Media: Messages sent through this medium can be seen as well as heard at the same time. Television is the audio visual media and the most powerful and influential mass media. Various documentaries, news, educational shows, adventure series, sports, movies, cartoons and other programs are telecast and presented through a television to meet the needs of all viewers. The other media in this group are video, cinema, CD, DVD etc.

(iii) Traditional Media: In addition to the mentioned modern media, there are some other traditional media such as drama, stage-play, drumming etc.

(iv) Public Address: Political leaders, social workers, famous person exchange words with people in a function, seminar and meeting which create a live environment.

2. Indirect Mass Media: There are some agencies which facilitates mass communication, which are:

(i) The Syndicate of Reporters: The reporters of syndicate help mass communication through supplying collected news, comments, entertaining features etc. to the modern mass media.

(ii) Press Association: The press association collect news and photos from different sources and distribute them to the newspaper office, radio and the television center for publicity. Some worldwide agencies are Reuters, AP, PTI, UNI etc.

(iii) Advertising Agencies: There are many advertising agencies who are engaged to arrange for advertising goods of their clients and they do this by distributing photos, cartoons, news etc. to the mass media like radio, television, newspapers etc.

(iv) Public Information Ministry: The public information ministry of the govt. collects information from various sources and they broadcast this information through radio, television, documentary films, newspapers, bulletins etc.

(v) Other Associations: Besides the above agencies, research institutions, public relation department of various business concerns and specialized organizations do a lot for mass communication. They gather information from far area of the country and conduct activities as directed by the clients.

At the concluded point, We can say frankly enough that above discussed and shown media are considered as the media of mass communication.