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16 Functions of Business

The main objective of business is that survival in the business competition by profiting.

The business organization tries to profit maximize by providing the proper utility of goods.

As a business owner, the businessman earns a profit by providing goods, service, ideas etc.

What is Finance- Definition & Meaning

Finance is a process of asking any financial institutions such as bank, credit union or finance company or another person to lend money to you that you also promise to repay this money at some point in the future. This is the normal speech of finance.

Actually, finance is a science that describes the management of revenues and the conduct or transaction of money matters and especially in the fields of banking and investment.

Objectives of Business

People start a business for earning profit. But at present, earning profit is not only the main objective of people.

Actually, every business is started for earning profit. Because profit of business is the acid test of a business organization.

9 Basic Features of Business

The business is the activity of production, distribution and promotion or selling goods or providing services in exchange for money in a legal way. The size of business may be big, middle or small.

Again, business can be production business or marketing business by its working system. From this discussion, you should understand that there is a difference in pattern in business but some features are in businesses that are same all pattern. We can say these patterns are the feature of business.

What is Meant by Micro Environment

Micro environment are factors or elements in a close organization’s that have a direct impact on its business operations and its success.

External Environment of Marketing System

The major external environment of marketing system is uncontrollable factors that influence a business decision-making period and affect its performance and overall strategies.

Definition of Macro Environment

A macro environment is a broad, wide economic conditions rather than in a particular sector or region or industry with an economy.

What is Meant by the Marketing Environment

Marketing environment is some kind of party, power and surroundings material that affect the marketing activities.

Marketing is the Delivery of Standard of Living

A standard of living is one kind of the level of wealth, comfort and goods are available to a certain period or certain area. The development of standard of living is the compare with the previous facilities and present facilities of wealth, comfort, goods and necessary things. Marketing is the delivery of standard of living to society and all people to the society.