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Nature and Scope of Business

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  • Scope of Business
  • Subject of Business 
  • Nature and Scope of Business

Although trade and commerce seem to be generally the same. But, the scope and the meaning range of the word 'business' is much broader or wider. 

10 Basic Elements of Business

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  • The Elements of Business
  • The Essential Parts of A Business

Business is an economic activity that depends on many conditions or elements. Most of the millionaires in the world are businessmen. 

The elements of business are considered or specified separately depending on the type of business existence. 

International Accounting Standards- IAS - Overview & Functions

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  • Meaning of International Accounting Standard- IAS
  • Definition of International Accounting Standard- IAS
  • Explanation of International Accounting Standard- IAS
  • Discussion on How the International Accounting Standard Committee Come to Light

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Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) - Definition & Meaning Explanation

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  • Meaning of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Definition of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Explanation of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

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Product Life Cycle - Definition & Meaning Explanation

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  • Meaning of Product Life Cycle
  • Definition of Product Life Cycle
  • Explanation of Product Life Cycle

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The Origin And Evolution of Business

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  • The Origin and Evolution of Business
  • The History of Business
  • Business From Ancient To Modern Age

The origin and development of business are inextricably linked with the development of human civilization. 

In the primitive age, people used to fulfill their own needs by themselves. At that time, human needs were limited by filling their hungry.

10 Great Strategies for Sustaining a Business Growth

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  • What You Need to Know to Survive in Business.
  • Business Survival Strategies in the Modern Age.
  • Survival Business Strategies. 
  • Strategy to Sustain the Business 
  • The Ways to Sustain Business Growth

The topic we are going to discuss in this post is what can be the way or strategy to sustain the business.

You know, it is easy to start a business.

But after starting a business, many people can't sustain the business in the long-run.

This is happening in every country in the world.

If 100 businesses are started, 90 of them end in as a business failure.

What strategies can be adopted to sustain these businesses or what processes can be used for improving these businesses?

12 Functions of Marketing Management

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  • Functions of Marketing Management

We have to understand the key task of marketing management for improving a company or organization's sales. 

Marketing management is the application of management principles and functions in the overall marketing activities. 

The main process is done by performing all the activities from the manufacturer to the consumer and every company does this. 

Accounting Equation Explanation

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  • Accounting Equation Definition
  • Elements of Accounting Equation Explanation
  • Elements Which Affect the Capital

The accounting equation is the cornerstone of accounting. The fundamental of the double-entry accounting system stands on it.

Accounting Cycle Definition & 11 Steps of The Accounting Cycle

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  • Definition of Accounting Cycle 
  • The Steps of Accounting Cycle 
  • Accounting Cycle Explanation

Before understanding accounting well, we need to understand its process and procedure first, right?

The understanding accounting cycle is the very beginning part of understanding accounting. Because it narrates what you need to understand or know well. On the other hand, It also narrates the functions of accounting.

From this article, we will know what is accounting cycle and the steps of the accounting cycle.

10 Objectives of Marketing Management

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  • Objectives of Marketing Management
  • Goals of Marketing Management
  • What should be the Ultimate Purpose of Adopting Marketing Management Policy For A Business Concern?

General management has some goals and objectives, just like that marketing management also has some goals or objectives. 

Marketing Management discusses how to manage the marketing sight of a company or business. It works with the keeping of some goal or objectives. The marketing management department will implement those in their regular activities.