Importance of Communication Model

Communication model helps us to know about various aspects of communication. And therefore the importance of communication model can be described as follows:

1. Determination of Effectiveness of Communication: In communication process, three things i.e. sender, message and receiver are significant. Essential elements of communication process are represented through communication model and such model helps us to measure the effectiveness of communication. Such model helps in our decision making.

2. Representation of Methods: Communication models are pictorial representation of communication process. So, elements & aspects related to communication process are brought into picture which provides complete idea.

3. Use as a Sample: Communication model involves pictorial representation of various elements of communication process which can be used as a sample for further research and investigation.

4. Measure of Inflexibility: Communication model is rigid but communication is ever changing. To understand the nature of inflexibility,  communication model can be an essential source.

5. Representation of Objective: Communication model represents the objectives and its related aspects regarding the message sent and therefore creates a meaningful picture.

At concluded point, Above discussion presents that how much importance bear communication model for modern communication.