How to Make Communication Effective

Communication becomes effective when the receiver understands the meaning of the message as the sender intends. To make communication effective,  the following rules should be involved:

1. Specific Purpose: The sender must be clear about the specific purpose that he wants to communicate to the receiver.

2. Study the Listener: The sender must study the interest and attitude of the receiver to make communication effective more.

3.  Organization of Idea or Thought: The communicator must make up a plan about how he is going to communicate. He must organize his thoughts and ideas in advance.

4. Proper Transmission of Message: The message must be transmitted in such a way that it is accepted by the listener or reader with interest.

5. Personal Touch: The personal element is the keynote of communication. Sender's sincerity & sympathy influence the listener a lot.

6. Mutual Understanding: A mutual understanding should be established between the sender  and receiver of the message.

7. Awareness of the Need for Effective Communication: The sender and receiver of communication must be aware to make communication meaningful.

8. Provision for Feedback: When message is sent to the receiver, there must be a feedback to the sender. Two way communication creates the best possible feedback.

9. Selection of a Good Channel: The sender of message must select an effective and formal channel to communicate with the receiver.

10. Active Listening: This provides proper feedback to the sender to complete the communication process.

At last, we can say, when communication will be made according to above discussed points, communication will be effective more.