Objective of Business Communication

The objectives of business communication is wide and large. Information, Order,  permission, Warning, Motivation, Advice and Raising morale are activated through the means of communication. The objectives of business communication are stated below:

1. To Exchange Information: The prime objective of communication is to exchange information internally and externally i.e. to deal within the organization and outside the organization.

2. To Achieve Goal: The goal of the organization can be obtained through effective organizational communication. Everybody tries to acquire such goal and therefore it requires effective organizational communication.

3. To Maintain Co-ordination and Co-operation: Co-ordination and co-operation among three levels i.e. corporate level, divisional level and functional level of an Organization are maintained through communication.

4. To Plan: Planning decides what is to be done in future. All the information and data which are required to make a plan for business can be obtained or gathered through communication.

5. To Facilitate Direction and Motivation: The boss gives direction or order to his subordinate. And managers need to motivate their employees to increase the concentration and productivity. Hence, communication helps to facilitate direction and motivation.

6. To Achieve Efficiency: Communication can provide information regarding past and present. It also helps to anticipate about future. So, Communication increase efficiency of the workers by providing instant information.

7. To Solve Problem: Communication can remove the gap between employees and employer. Fruitful communication ensures a network in an Organization to solve problems. Conflict arises and exists in an Organization. Fruitful communication ensures a network to solve conflict. It also remove the gap between employee and employer.

8. To Create Consciousness: Communication helps both employer and employee to be conscious about their respective roles, duties and activities. As a result, responsibility and accountability is located among the concerned persons.

9. To Increase Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction requires better job environment and better job environment is possible if there exists communication chain. Strong chain helps to overcome job related stress.

10. To Improve Employer-Employee Relationship: To achieve the Organizational objectives, there must be good relationship between employee and employer. And to improve such relationship, there must be effective communication.

11. To Manage Human Resources: To recruit, train-up & motivate human resource  properly, There must be effective communication. Skilled manpower are professional and work for achievement and development.

12. To Attract Customer: To knock the door of potential customers with new product and service of an enterprise, there should exist an efficient communication. So better communication will cause more customers and more customers will cause more profit.

13.To Facilitate Join Effort: Joint effort requires unique motive. And unique motive means mutual trust & unity arising from mutual communication.

14. To alter/Change Future Plan: In today's modern competitive world, there is requirement of changing the plan according to environment and communication environment. This involves awareness through proper communication.

15. To Obtain Overall Development: The overall development of an Organization involves existence of efficient Internal Control Structure. And it can be possible through effective communication system.

16. To Provide Necessary Data for Decision-Making: Managers require different types of data and information for decision-making. Through communication managers collect necessary data and take accurate decision.

17. To Educate Workers: Communication helps the Organization to train-up the employees/workers through organized programs. For example, Orientation,workshops, film show,  internship etc.

A communication is adapted to the needs and interest of the receiver in order to causes the receiver to react in a manner that accomplishes the purpose of the sender.