Definition of Communication Environment

Communication Environment involves two words, communication and environment. Communication means exchange of ideas news, views, messages, information or emotions between two or more persons; whereas environment means all elements that surround us. So, Communication  environment means exchange of ideas, news,  views, messages, information or emotions, due to influence of various elements that encompass us. The environment may be formal or informal, It may be business or non-business entity. Any sort of environment may force for communication to happen.

Communication Environment

Some famous authors define communication environment like the way below:

Lesikar & Pettit defines communication environment as 'A sensory environment in which communication occurs; where sensory environment is the real world surrounding us which our senses can detect.'

Kapl H. Vesper in his 'New Venture Strategies' stated 'Any occasion, event or incident that provoke to exchange words,  ideas or feelings is considered to be an environment for communication.' 

Communication Environment may be
(i) Favorable
(ii) Adverse

If communication happens in a favorable environment then the objective of business as well as of individual get fulfilled. Whereas adverse communication environment calls for fruitless effort or effect.

Communication Environment

So, It can be said that any position or situation that requires any type of communication can be regarded as communication environment.