About Business Consi

Business Consi has been built to help business studies student by providing useful resources. It has a long term view. It wants to provide almost every section of business studies and related matters. In that purposes, It will gradually add new dimension to its and its objectives. 

Who are behind Business Consi
In a simple word..."WE"! We know this answer is not appropriate. However, We are some students and teachers of business faculty who are behind the Business Consi. When we get time after completion of our daily work, we work for Business Consi. 

What is our destination
We have already said above! We want to focus almost every corner of business studies to make study helpful and enjoyment. Present, we are preparing materials on that purposes.  There is no limit for study as like as the sky has no boundary! Leaning resources are available all time. But we believe that good learning resources was not available all time and not now! But yes, some worth-hearten persons are making it. We are trying our best like them. 

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