7 Functions of Management

Functions of Management: The tasks which are taken to achieve organizational goal is called management. But what are in management functions we need to know. L. A. Allen said that, "Management is what a manager does." But what functions are operated by a manager?

Generally, the tasks such as planning, organizing, leading, controlling are done by a manager. So, we've got some tasks list which are done by a manager which are called as management functions.

To know well about management we need to know well about managerial functions. 

Mainly, there are four functions in management. but, we can elaborate the functions into more sections. A manager need to operate various functions to acquire organizational goal.

Below, we'll discuss all of functions of management.

01. Planning
Planning is a management process. It is the first step of management function. Planning is how to do a work, when have to do this work, who will do this work and by whom will do this work. Planning means the process of achieving goals, development and establishment. Planning means deciding how best to achieve goals, profit and applying best strategies.

02. Organizing
Organizing is the second function of management. it follows the planning. Organizing is a management process that refers to the relationship between people,work and resources that is used to achieve goals. In organizing system top management first fixes the common objective, way and resources. In organizing the manager make different kind of department and mixed all the department for better work. 

03. Staffing
After the organizing, the function of management is staffing. Employee are the most important resource of any organization. The right staff is very important for a company because he can change and ensure the organization future success. Staffing is like a function or term that refers recruitment, selection, acquiring, training, appraising employees.

04. Directing
Directing is a process in which the managers instruct, guide and overview the performance of the workers of a company to achieve goals. Directing is a very hard and heart task of management process. it the function of Staffing. Planning, organizing, staffing have not any place if direction function does not play its role properly.
Directing is a continuous process that run its function at top level and flows to the bottom with organizational hierarchy.

05. Motivating
Planning has been established and organization has begun now the motivation is necessary to carry out the whole work. In management motivation refers ways in which managers promote the productivity in their employees. Motivating is a manager's job to motivate employees to do their jobs well and fell to perform well with happiness.

06. Co-ordination
In organization, different types of work are performed by various departments and no single department or group can not achieve the goals if they doesn't work as a whole. Co-ordination is ensures the unity of action among individuals, department and groups in carrying out the different tasks as to achieve the organizational goals properly. The coordinating is only applies to groups efforts but there is no need it when only individual is working.

07. Controlling
Controlling is the last step in the management functions process. This process is simply steps of manager to determine whether organizational goals have been met. Controlling is a continuous and forward looking process which is the standard of measurement of a company or organization. There is a close link in planning and controlling in management function process.

A manager requires to do prediction, taking decision, determining controlling area etc various type of functions along with regular functions which are discussed above. In one word, all the tasks are completed by the manager to achieve goal are the functions of management.