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Management is a process that is ensures the proper use of people and resources elements for achieving per-determined goals. Management process is universal. Management is a continuous, fast developing science and human activity.
Management is like a process that organizes the disorganized resources of men, machines, materials and methods into useful and effective way. Management is a pipeline in which the inputs are fed and they are preceded through management functions and at the end of results, we get inputs as goods, services, productivity, valuable information and satisfaction of all sides.

Management is a word, which is used in different sciences in the modern business world.
In the narrow sense, management signifies the technique of taking work form workers. In this way, a person who can take work from others smoothly and successfully is called manager. From this speech, we can say that management is n art, as well as science. Management is lake an activity that is concerned with the different human efforts to achieve the desired objective.

Different authors in a number of ways have defined management. Some call it a process of managing anything. Some call it coordination, controlling of resources, some call it body of personnel challenged in the task of managing process while workers call it as an organized discipline.
The following are some of the main feature or nature of management:

1. Management as Process
Management is an independent process for achieving goals. Management wants to give ensure the proper use of worker and resources elements. For this reason, management process consisting of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordination, controlling, performed to determine the objective by the use of human beings and other resources.

2. Universality of Management
The management process is universal. The universality of management is an important concept in modern management. Management describes as universal as widespread practice of management in all types of organizations. 

Although management is universal but all managers are not the same and they does not apply the rules of management as the same way because no two individuals are alike.

3. Management as an Activity
Human beings performed various activities such as writing, playing, eating, cooking etc and management is also an activity because a manager in a company who accomplishes the objectives by directing, organizing the efforts of others. We know management is what manager does. So, form this speech, we can say management is an activity and it does different types of activities.

4. Continuous Process Management (CPM)
Management is a continuous process. The functions of management run gradually. It is a never-ending management process. It is concerned with constantly identifying the problem and solving this problem by taking proper or adequate steps. It is an on-going or continuous process.

5. Economic Resources
Management is wealth from the point of Economics. For any kind of production process there is need land, labor, capital and organization. This organization is management.

6. Human Resources
Management is human resources. Management always remains busy and conducts properly human wealth as human resources of management. Management is human beings process that is building a strength group of people.

7. Intangible
Management is like wealth. But this wealth we can not see like land, capital or labor and we can not touch this wealth. This wealth can not be defined as value of money. We can feel the existence of management when we see the activities that is take for achieving goals.

8. Management as Discipline
Discipline in management is one kind of knowledge that is connected to study of principles and basic management administration. It specifies certain rules or code of conduct that should be followed by the manager. Actually, we can say management is like discipline. It is very necessary for achieving goals by management.

The feature and characteristics of management reflects from the discussion of above. Management is a process that give ensure the proper using of human resources and other resources. Everywhere or in every circumstance, the feature of management remain same.