Classification of Personality-Different Types of Personality

Personality means a sum of total characteristics of a person which can be good or bad. Usually, People are attracted by a person who has good and strong personality. There are various types of personality are seen among human being. A famous writer and researcher named Holland, classifies personality in six division as it nature. Those are discussed below:

1. Realistic Personality: Having realistic personality, A person is realistic. He observes everything in the realistic mood. This type of personality is usually natural and normal. Such people can't like any artificial behavior and strongly try to focus on the real fact.

2. Investigative Personality: A person who has investigative personality is a type of very analytical nature.  They analyze thing clearly and pin-pointed. An investigative person generally is thoughtful and takes time to make decision. Curiosity is a one kind of nature of their character.

3. Social Personality: This type of persons are usually helpful to all and think for others progress. Having social personality, A man is generally kind and takes responsibility on his shoulder. Actually, Such  persons are external types of personalities. 

4. Conventional Personality: Who are in such personality or who has conventional personality, They are usually  provide respect to law. They maintain every rule and regulation of law and doesn't out of it. They all time keep discipline and drive life on that way. They also suggest others who are nearby themselves to maintain such rules and regulation strongly.  A conventional person is also realistic and very rude about their work and responsibility.

5. Enterprising Personality: Such type of persons are very active, self-confident and reserved high expectation. They go forward with a task with mass confident. And One of the most common nature of enterprising personality person is They don't leave thing usually till they get the success. They feel passion much for new project and want to justify its loss and profit, risk measurement etc. They take every task as a challenge.

6. Artistic Personality:  Who have artistic personality, They have usually artistic attitude. Basically they work with emotion rather than justifying the realistic matters. They have much conceptual tendency. If they  can't control themselves, conception and emotion can hamper their whole life.

From the above discussion, We can know six types of personality among us. As a organizational employee, worker or managers We must know this and study on such behavior to achieve organizational goal along with recognize our nearby person's personality.