Definition of Market Report or Meaning of Market Report

Businessmen should know the demand of customer or consumer for proper marketing of goods or services. Hence, There is the need of market report.

A market report reflects the market condition in terms of product or service. That's why It is one kind of Business report.

In other words, A market report states about a product or service considering price level, demand and supply, nature of transaction and market trend of such product or service.

Different authors have defined Market Report on their aspects:
According to M.A. Lorenzo, "A market report is an index to business condition prevailing in a particular market at a specified period or on a fixed day."

Another Scholar quoted as " A market report is the publication of records of business transactions over a specified period."

So, market report is a statement regarding the purchase and sale, demand and supply, price level, market trend, nature of transaction of a particular product or service.

A market report usually includes→
♣Demand of the products
♣Supply of the products
♣Nature of the products
♣Nature of trading
♣Price of the products
♣Method of the transactions
♣Stock of the products etc.

So, we can conclude, The report which is written of the basis of the transactions of a definite market at a specific period or on a day is called market report.