Definition or Meaning of Motivation in Business

Motivation is such a process which is used to inspire,  increase stamina and work ability by mentally satisfaction among the employees or workers to their work or job in a organization. In brief, Motivation is something which inspires one to work self-intentionally.

The word Motivation derives from the  Latin word "Movere". The Latin word "Movere" means "To move", "To drive" or "To drive forward" etc.

Human resource is the main power of an organization which activates all of function of it. Human resource is not as like as other element of a business. It is naturally different. Without proper motivation, Employees or workers of an organization can be hopeless, frustrated and more. Consequently, Motivation is necessary to achieve organization goal. For achieving goal with human, making him prepared by effecting his mental condition is stated as Motivation. Motivation also effects employees job satisfaction level.

Different famous author stated about Motivation:

1. Glueck said about Motivation as " Motivation is the inner state that energizes channels and sustains human behavior."

2. In Encyclopedia of Management " Motivation refers to the degree of readiness of an organism to pursue some designed goal and implies the determination of the nature and locus of forces inducing the degree of readiness."

3. Joe Kelly defined Motivation as "Motivation is a process where by needs instigate behavior directed towards the goals that can satisfy those needs."

The speed of human does not be stable all time. It can be slow sometimes. That's why Management should be aware about giving proper motivation to employees so that working process remains active.

Motivation Cycle
Basic Motivation Cycle
Motivation drives human being to right path. For this, Motivation is called working force. For higher productivity and achieving organizational goal, Management must obtain motivational steps to provide proper motivation to employees. Motivation is a attitude which is work-related. If proper motivation is given to employees or workers, They intend to work spontaneously.