Advantages of Report Writing

Report bears very much importance in the field of business, commerce and trade. For this reason, A student of business studies should know about pros and cons of report and its various aspects. Advantages of report writing also make us to understand the importance of report writing. However, Report writing provides the below advantages in our business as well as personal life:

1. Keep Records: Report keeps record and provides valuable source of information. We can re-use this information for future reference.

2. Provide Information: Report provides information in terms of tables, graphs, charts and illustration and therefore we can be aware of facts and figures as an update. Nowadays, information are treated as the most valuable asset.

3. Indicate Status: Report indicates the current status of any project and therefore we keep on knowing what we are doing. It communicates to donors and founders for project progresses.

4. Facilitates Research: It facilitates research work as it is source of quantitative and qualitative information. For example, A market report shown the market condition of a product.

5. Setting Actions: Report shows comparison and analysis with critical evaluation and therefore it helps to determine future actions.

6. Decision Making: Decisions can be easily made based on the recommendations given in report.

7. Building Relation: Report builds relationship between author and reader. It creates impression on author's knowledge and philosophy and also provides insight regrading his analytical and critical understanding.

A report gives us many advantages for our business concerns and personal life too as some advantages of report writing has been illustrated above.