Size and Scope of the Business Report

Size: The size of the report depends on the objective and necessity of the report.  A report may be a small piece of paper or it may be a bundle of hundred pages. It may cover the topics of financial aspect, industrial aspect, technical aspect, social or natural aspect depending on the situation or circumstance. The size of a report is a relative matter. If necessary it can be too large or it can be of small size.

Scope: The nature and objective of the report affect significantly towards the scope of the report. Due to advancement of business administration, the scope of report is also increasing day by day. At present, it is the contribution of scientific management because scientific management investigates, analyses and recommends on a certain issue of interest. And therefore report is prepared on each event for making decision which are extending the scope of a report.

The Scope of Business Report

The scope of Business reports can be discussed as follows:

1. Business reports are widely used in formulating and upgrading organizational policies and procedures.

2. Reports provide opportunity to look into available investment areas for  future investment.

3. The development ideas and concepts of new product are presented through a report.

4. Reports highlight about employee grievances and labor relations. This  helps to establish good employees relationship.

5. Reports help the companies to formulate effective marketing strategies.

6. Investigation report helps to  claim any compensation or make any action.

7. Report provides basis to evaluate any performance.

8. Report speaks about customer's  opinion and therefore it helps the  companies to bring necessary changes in product or services.

9. Report helps to  establish effective control and coordination.

10. Report shows information regarding various concern of an organization. This provides proper understanding of any issue or aspect.