What is Job Satisfaction or Meaning of Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a variable matter. It usually depends on the mind of employee/worker. Positive attitude regarding to any work of a person is stated as job satisfaction. It is a mental condition of a person to any type of work. Someone may feel satisfaction to a work and in contrary another person may feel unsatisfactory to the same work depending on their attitude regarding the work/job.

To elaborate the concept of job satisfaction, It is said that In a organization which employees work, their job/task and their view to that job and that organization create many conceptions and expectations in the mind of employees or workers. Such conceptions and expectations may be their status, salary/wages, promotion, job conditions, working environment and communication environment etc. Job satisfaction is the positive or negative attitude of employees/workers about this kinds of subjects.
Consequently, Job satisfaction is depended on a person who will take his job positively or negatively in his own career.

Different authors have defined job satisfaction on their aspects:
E. A. Locke quoted as " Job Satisfaction is a pleasurable or positive emotional state from the appraisal of one's job or experience."

Keith Davis stated as " Job satisfaction is a set of the favorable or unfavorable feelings with which employees view their work."

Vroom said about job satisfaction as " Job satisfaction is generally considered to be an individuals perceptual or emotional reaction to important parts of work."

From the above discussion and definition of some famous authors about job satisfaction, we can conclude that Job satisfaction is the attitude which feel a employee or worker regarding his job. It may be positive or negative. The condition is totally depended on the person's mind. So, It can be stated as a mental status of a worker too.