Objective Of Management

Every human life has a goal. They build their family, business, organization, social organization for achieving this goal. To be successful in your business or organization you will need to have an objective or you will need to set an objective. For achieving your objectives, the management is very important.

If you can’t well defined your objective, you will not be able to achieve your goal.

Management is a human activity and it must have aims and objectives.

A business man has aim at maximizing its profit through better serving the customers. Making profit is the objective of the business.

In objectives of management, there are goals, definiteness and direction. We can say from manager’s point of view, objectives are the values which are to be achieved by giving proper service or better products.

For achieving the objectives, it is essential to know the types of objectives in management.

Classification of Management Objectives
Objectives of management may be classified as under Two…

Primary Objectives
Primary objectives are very important for a business. Without primary objective a business or organization can not run their business or can not stay in business market for long time. The objectives are..

1. Earning Profit: Earning profit is one of the best objectives of every organization. Actually, this objective is the main objective. Every other works is done because of achieving this object.

2. Welfare of Owner: Management is doing only the work that will be helpful for the owners of the company. When management take a decision, the first think is that is it will be helpful for the owners of the company?

3. Welfare of Employee: As a business, you have to provide various benefits for better result from your employees. You have to ensure your employees welfare. If your employees will remain good, they will serve good to your company.

Secondary Objectives
Earning profit is not the main object. For implementing this object others, related objectives have to achieve. The secondary objectives are…

1. Maximum Utilization of Elements: Management is always remaining careful about how to use proper utilization of resources and how to maximum utilization of elements those are use in business materials.

2. Development of Relation: One of the best jobs for management is to ensure the good relation between workers and owners. If the workers get the proper facilities by the owners, they will be able to give the best result to the company.

3. Increasing Productivity: By proper utilization of elements or resources, the management always tries to increasing productivity to the company.

4. Development of Quality of Production: It is not enough to a company, which will only product goods. Management works here to development of quality of production.

5. Innovation: The demand and interest of consumer’s is always changeable. For this reason, a company must be continuing research and innovation of products for dealing with competition.

Proper utilization of different types of resources and elements the management objectives are expressed. So, The objective of management are to make welfare to the society.