Scope of Management

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At the beginning of the human civilization there was not good management system like European Union or a corporation like Microsoft or an inter-governmental alliance. But in that time people also used to run in groups, determined goals, take decisions and after all these activities have in today's management system.

In primitive societies everyone had to do physical labor for doing any work. Sometimes they did not bear their physical labor. To escape this burden, they were going into kings or religions person. But now civilize urban societies are more specialized. By improving management created new vocational alternatives to manual labor.
So, the necessity of management and the scope of management is increasing day by day.

Now I will show and discuss from different prospective different about the scope of management:

(A) Scope on the basis of organization
Management plays important roles in family, societies and achieving organizations goal. In family, societies, business, polities, different kinds of organization a active role is available of management.
How will finish the work of a member of a family? Management is thought that.
Again, in large organization planning, direction, leadership etc job are done in always or regular basis.

(B) Functional Scope
In business or in company understanding functional scope is very important. In functional scope there is the elements is per-determined, directing, organizing, motivating and controlling.

(C) Scope of Organizational Levels
Management programs or organizational levels are divided into three levels, such as 1.High Level, 2. Medium Level, 3. Low Level.

1. Top-Level Management: At this management level policy, planning etc were taken by the top level manager. In this stage normally remain board of directors, managing directors, chairman and the owners of the company.

2. Mid-level Management: Following of top-level instruction, policy and planning is the main function functions of Mid-level management. In this level remain divisional manager, so-manager and middle- manager.

3. Lower Level Management:  In this stage or in the lower level management consists of the Foremen and the Supervisors. They are selected for doing work properly by the middle level management. Sometimes it is also called First Line Management.

(D) Scope Related To The Field or Division
For doing work properly the works are divided by some department, sub-division and units. Such as...
1. Production Management: It refers to the management principles to the function of production, decision of production, selecting products in a factory. Moreover, production management involves management of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the production process.

2. Purchase Management: In a business, it is one of the most critical functions as to organize the purchase system. There are lot of things have to do in purchase department such as, to provide an uninterrupted flaw of materials for company operations, to make profit form purchasing etc.

3. Marketing Management: Marketing management is a very difficult task for company. It is play a role that helps a company to identify potential sources successfully products for the marketplace and then promote them for large selling.

4. Personnel Management: Personnel management includes the function of employment selection, appointment, training, development and compensation. These functions are performed in consultation with other departments by the personnel management.

5. Financial Management: Running business may be challenging for you. There are many things to consider that help to run your business smoothly. In financial management make decisions to investment in fixed assets or in current assets.
Financial management is very important scope of management.

6. Office Management: Office management is an essential part of general management. Office management is the functions of planning, organizing, consulting and controlling of office work, duty and their performing. These functions a company have to do to achieve the per-determined objectives of this company.

(E) Strategic Scope of Management
For achieving better performance, a company has to apply different types of strategies. Strategic management is a continuous process of the business and industries in which the organization fixes goals to meet all present competitors and researches about them. In this scope refers to process of collecting and providing information for strategic purposes. It helps in analyzing all factors that influencing an organization.

(F) Scope From The View Point of Necessity
These scope is understanding some kind of helping process that make easy to company to perform better. For doing this company divided different kind of department, sub-division, unite and regions.

Today we are in the modern era and we apply modern management strategies. Now management is applying all kinds of work in business and in organizations.