What is grapevine communication and Features of Grapevine communication

Definition of Grapevine Communication:

The grapevine is a communication system or process which is barely informal communication system. It is comprised of gossip and rumor. More and wide  information can be transmitted through grapevine communication system. But there is also some negative ideas about grapevine communication system. But another image is shown by the reality. In the real world, it exists together with the formal communication system.

According to Prof. Keith Davis,
"Grapevine arises from social interaction, It is as fickle, dynamic and varied as people are. It is the exercise of their freedom of speech and is a natural, normal activity".

Features of Grapevine communication

As we know that the most informal communication system of an organization is grapevine communication system. Grapevine network is commonly criticized for its widely features. The features of grapevine communication can be discussed both in positive and negative manners. We will go for that after a few moment.
.According to Prof. J. W. Newstrom and others,
"Grapevine has three main characteristics--
  1. It is not controlled by management.
  2. It is perceived by the most employees as being more believable and reliable.
  3. It is largely used to serve the self-interest of those people withing it."
Now features of grapevine can be discussed in the following manner:-

1.Flexibility: There is no formal control on grapevine. For this reason, It is more flexible communication system than any other ways of communication.

2. Lack of control: Actually, there is no managerial control over the grapevine communication system. It is grown by itself.

3. Rapid communication: Grapevine communication system is more faster than other formal or informal channels of communication.

4. No record: We can't keep any documentary record  or evidence of grapevine communication system that can be shown or produced as future reference.

5. Used for self-interest: As grapevine communication system is produced by gossip and rumor, It is basically used for self-interest of the employees of an organization.

6. Popular among employees: This communication system is much popular among the employees than  other formal or informal channels.

7. Distortion: Distorting of real massage is one of the major features of grapevine communication system. In this communication process, information passes rapidly man to man. That's why the information losses its originality.

8 Spontaneous: Grapevine is basically spontaneous. It passes rapidly and spontaneously from top to bottom of the organization. Here is no need to make any effort to make it successful.