Definition of Communication Process or What is Communication Process

Without communication the world does not come to closer as much as we can understand. When communication happens between two or more persons it usually takes some steps to complete the communication. Here the sum of total steps are stated as communication process.

Expanded definition of communication process can be, "To complete communication a communicator, a message, some intermediary channels and a receiver are needed. All those are completed one after another. A message sending steps  from communicator to receiver are called as communication process."

In order to acquire desired goal a communicator designed a message. After that He uses intermediary channels to reach it to the receiver of that message. The receiver when received that message to make an effective communication,  He should response to the communicator what is called feedback. All those steps make together a series of interrelated tasks. This series or process is called as communication process.

communication process
Communication Process

Harnold D. Lass Swell defines the process of communication through the following 5 questions:
1. Who says ? It means the sender or communicator.
2. What is said ? It stated about the intended message, idea or information.
3. Which way ? It describes about the media or channel of communication used to send the message.
4. To whom ? It speaks about the receiver or listener.
5. With what effect ? It means the response or feedback from the sender.
So, We can conclude that A communication process is a process or a series of some step by step tasks or cyclical interaction of some tasks which started from a communicator and using a system reaches to a receiver and the receiver provides feedback to the sender. There might be a noise in the process.