Different Types of Communication Process

Communication process can be various types in the shape of its forming. It can be horizontal communication process, Circular communication process and two way communication process. The thing is depended on how a communication flows complete the process. A short description of different types of communication process are highlighted below:

1. Horizontal Process: When communication flows like a straight line from sender to the receiver of a message, It takes a shape of horizontal communication process. It is also known or stated as one way process of communication.

2. Circular Process: Circular process of communication is all about to complete communication making as like as a circle. When communication is completed by making a circle, it is stated as circular communication process. This process is also called as on going process.

3. Two way Process: Two way communication process is the steps of two way communication system. In such process, sender sends a message using some intermediary channels and the receiver of that message makes a response to the sender what is called as Feedback. In this communication process, proper Feedback is expected. And that's why it makes this process as effective communication process. This process of communication is called as reciprocal process.

A communicator can use any of above process of communication to make effective communication or acquire the objectives of communication. Naturally, to acquire the objectives of business communication a strategical management chooses a communication process where it suites best.