Definition of Upward Communication-Broad Illustration

In upward communication system, communication flows from down to upward, i. e. from subordinates to superior levels. This communication takes place either in the nature of feedback or in the nature of original thoughts and suggestions at the initiative of the lower levels.

In such communication  system, the  communication are invited from the lower levels via the feedback loop and the lower level acts as the sender and the upper level receives the messages. In this types of communication, the subordinates convey their actions, attitudes and opinions about varied subjects of vital concern to their superiors.

Upward communication is often communicated for decision making purposes. Subordinates pass information about progress and problems to superiors so that superiors i.e. Management can decide what  to do and when to do.

Some popular writers have been defined Upward communication as...

M.C Shukla stated for Upward communication as" Upward communication means the flow of information from the subordinates to the superiors."

Griffin stated as" Upward communication consists of messages from subordinates to superiors. This flow is usually from subordinates to their direct superior and so on up the hierarchy."

S.P. Arora said about Upward communication " Upward communication refers the flow of information from the lower level to the higher level."

The following types of messages or information is communicated through upward communication:
  1. Progress and performance reports. 
  2. problem and exceptions to routine performance.
  3. Ideas and suggestions for improvement and  problem solving. 
  4. Requests for financial and accounting assistance and information.
  5. Expression of attitudes, grievances and  disputes that influence performance both directly and indirectly. 
The upward communication flows in the following way:

Upward communication Flows

Effective upward communication requires an environment in which subordinates feel free to communicate since the organizational climate is greatly influenced by upper management. Actually to make effective upward communication, There must be ensured such a communication environment so that subordinates can provide necessary feedback too.

The message may distorted in upward communication at the time of its transmission to the upward level. In upward communication, the distortion is very often in the nature of omission of the part of the information.

Main objectives of upward communication is to provide information to managers and hence subordinates should send message properly and effectively.

So, when communication flows from workers/employees level to upper level/superiors/Management is called as Upward communication. Distortion of message can be happened in such communication.

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