Most Common Disadvantages of Upward Communication

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Limitation of Upward Communication

If there exist smooth upward communication, organizational goals and objectives become easier to achieve. But, unfortunately upward communication faces some disadvantages. It has some limitation to work actively and frankly in a organization. Most of limitations is due to the strong personality of the superiors. Although there are a  lot of advantages of upward communication. But such communication system suffers for the following reasons:

1. Distortion: The most common reason is that the message of upward communication can be distorted. Most of cases, it is happened for employees. It is found that employees for getting relief, pleasure,  promotion, accountability makes distortion in message in such communication. They may do it also for their own interest. Message or information distortion is a barrier to communication to achieve its real objective. .

2. Fear: If superiors keep open door policy, but employes can't go through their door due to fear of various types. Employees often fear if they communicate with superiors with their problems, it may effect negatively in their real efficiency and job. Such fear also a reason to get the proper advantages of upward communication. Frequently, it turns into a disadvantages of upward communication system.

3. Unwillingness: Employees are naturally unwilling to communicate with their problems to their superiors. The superiors might open their door for employees, But they can't make stress to employees to come to the door of managers with employees problems and demands.

4. By Passing: It is found that sometimes employees trend to by passing way. Employees can ignore to tell their problem to their immediate boss and go to top level management. It is harmful in two ways. One  is the boss who has been ignored may feel underestimated mood. And the top level manager may feel doubt to the employees objectives of communication.

5. Flattery: In such communication, flattery is just another reason for why it becomes ineffective. To get promotion and other facilities from the superiors, employees try to flatter of their boss. By this way, subordinates may hide the real truth telling superiors. If this happens, It hamper the decision making procedure.

6. Insufficient Information: Most of time subordinates are not conscious to provide full information to the superiors. It makes the insufficient information for managers to take any action.

The above limitations or disadvantages of upward communication creates barrier on the way of communication and reduce popularity of upward communication.