Media or Way or Forms of Upward Communication

The communication channel which pushes the flow of information to upward is known as the upward media of communication. Upward communication may be done in several of ways. Some of the commonly used forms are discussed below:

1. Memo: The most frequently used form for upward communication is memo which is a short piece of information sent to senior executives by subordinates. Generally routine information is communicated through this means.

2. Report: This is important form of upward communication where subordinates are required to submit reports to the seniors about the progress of their work at regular intervals.

3. Complaint and Suggestion Boxes: Such box is installed at convenient places in the factory or the office. Employees drop the complaints and suggestions if any into the boxes. Later on these are collected and reviewed through the established procedure.

4. Open Door Policy: This form gives the employees a feeling that the managers door are always open to them. Whenever the subordinates like, they can walk into superior's room without any hesitation and talk to boss about their problems.

5. Counseling: Sometimes, in some organization, lower level employees are encouraged to seek advices of their superiors about their personal problems. As employees feel free to talk about their problems through this system, their confidence to work increases.

6. Social Gathering: Social gathering are arranged in different departments which offer an informal communication atmosphere to mix with each other and talk about their respective problem. But here Grapevine communication may not be allowed due to strong personality of superiors.

7. Quality Team: Such team is voluntarily formed with a small group of workers which identifies the problems within their immediate work areas and suggests the solution to the higher officials.

8. Direct Meeting: When formal meeting (i.e. in formal communication) is called subordinates get opportunity to talk about their respective problems. Superiors get familiar with the problems of subordinates and they quickly react to solve those problems.

9. Questionnaire: Managers may obtain information about employee attitude and confidence, employees views about the respective organization and relationship between managers and subordinates through questionnaire.

Upward communication is an essential communication in every business organization to improve organizational progress. Upward communication provides a vital instrument, feedback for planning and controlling activities of the organization. By following the above methods, Subordinates can exchange their views, news message and information with their superiors.To acquire organizational objectives, there should be ensured such communication effective for better output from workers and employees. Nevertheless, to make that, there is also needed making the communication process free from the barriers to communication.