Definition of Communication-Wide Discussion

From cradle to grave, every individual is connected with communication. Our social, religious, economical, technological, political and other arenas call for keeping of proper communication. Without proper communication, people will become lifeless. Formal or informal, direct or indirect and any other types of communication occurs  through our regular activities or functions or communication. From commercial area to non commercial area of scope, from occupational to ordinary people, communication exists everywhere, everywhere of our life. And sometimes communication occurs silently or without our formal concern. In commercial arena, communication is the key for interaction and interference.

When there is an effective communication, the objectives of business and general people are completed. So successful communication is expected to all and to keep such effective communication we need to resort various principles, tips and techniques and procedures of communication.  There are also some barriers in the path of communication. We must be care about to avoid those barriers to make communication fruitful and obviously effective.

Communication is a two-way process through which two or more people can share their ideas and feelings. through communication information and understanding can be transferred from one person to another person. It involves at least two persons-a sender and a receiver.

We want to make more explanation. Communication is derived from the Latin word 'communis' which means common. So communication means commonness with other persons. Many scholars and researchers also argued that the present shape of the word communication has been emerged from the french word 'Communing' which refers to the act of communicating. This communication is the 'bridge' to exchange our ideas, thoughts, values, facts, opinoins, emotions, and information between two or more persons for the purpose of creating mutual understanding and confidence.

In acts as a life-blood, life-line and life support to the modern business world and without it, the 'Age of Information' cannot be thought of.

A communication occurs when there are three aspects:

1. Communicator or sender
2. Channel
3. Communicatee or receiver

For Example: X and Y are two friends. X lives in USA and Y lives in England. X makes a mobile call to Y. Now, Y is connected to X via their mobile devices. Here X is the sender and Y is the receiver. To more understand, check the following diagram. The diagram has been designed from the example.
Communication is simple to understand but difficult to define. Generally, it is a link or way to connect people in our daily life. Many writers have given different definitions regarding communication. Some of those are below.

'A systematic and continuous process of telling, listening and understanding is known as communication'
- Louis A. Allen

'Communication is the exchange of messages between people for the purpose of creating common meanings'
- O.W. Basbin and Crawg E. Aroroff

So from the above discussion, example and quotes, communication is the way or process to exchange or transmit and data, information, messages, opinions, ideas, facts to create a meaningful scenario among the individuals involved in any environment or situation.