What is Two-Way Communication

When a communication channel pushes the flow of information in two directions, back and forward, it is called two-way communication. In two-way communication, a sender transmits a message to the receiver and the said receiver sends back his reaction or response to the original sender in terms of feedback. So, communication having feedback provision can be defined as two way communication system. Face to face conversation, phone conversation are the example of two way communication. 

Keth Davis stated as 'In two way communication, the speaker sends a message and the receiver's responses come back to the speaker.'

two way communication
Two-way communication is a complete communication process because there is a flow of message from a sender to a receiver and back to the sender.

two-way communication
Process of Two Way Communication

Two way communication can be horizontal or vertical. When superior and subordinate communicate to each other, it is called vertical communication. There is a communication happening between persons of same designation, level or position, It is defined as horizontal communication.

Consequently, Two way communication is an effective communication system, because it can be provided message and feedback to the receiver and sender. Communication becomes more effective when proper actual understanding of sent message remains to receiver and feedback is provided by receiver. In two-way communication contains these process. Thus, Importance of Two way communication in every sector of business remarkable.

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