Importance of Two Way Communication in the Workplace

two way communicationWhen communication is defined as an exchange of facts,thoughts, opinions or emotions, it means nothing but two-way communication. There are many reasons for which two-way communication is given very importance now a days and these reasons are described below:

01. Dynamic Process: In two way communication, information or message is sent to the receiver or listener from sender. After receiving of message, there is feedback or response to the sender. This is a dynamic process which makes communication complete and effective.

02. Implementation of Direction: Managers at different levels within the Organization advise, inform and instruct on different issues. Proper understanding of these messages and further clarification is possible in the presence of two-way communication. This two way communication acts as a bridge which connects source and a destination i.e. managers and subordinates or employer and employees.

03. Job Satisfaction: Managers and subordinates can exchange information about their respective problems through two-way communication. Problems faced by subordinates an be reached to management through feedback. This helps managers to motivate the employees in terms of financial or non-financial activities. Such motivation raises job satisfaction which leads to achievement of Organizational goal.

04. Providing Suggestion: In 'Bottom-Up' approach of management, employers or subordinates get opportunities to provide suggestions and take part in decision making. This makes a job or activity to be properly completed. In two way communication process, subordinates and superiors both can get feedback regarding different aspects of job if and when required. Suggestion rectifies errors or mistakes and helps in active completion of any job.

05. Creation of Democratic Environment: Democracy is a voice that gives floor to all people who believe in sharing opinion, idea, thought, concept and attitude. In two way communication, democracy is the main focus through which receiver and sender both look forward. When there is democracy, people have freedom and independence and as a result, employee and employer both can exchange ins and outs of any respective job. Such opportunity calls for proper implementation of initiated plan.

06. Better Relations: Relationship exists in a better form on two-communication system, Because of exchange of opinions, ideas, feelings or emotions. i, e. 'Give & Take' is the philosophy behind any relation. Due to two way communication, relation is created, maintained and gradually improved.

07. Complete and Effective Communication System: Communication is made to solve any problem, to understand any fact, to implement any job, to create better relationship and others. Such communication becomes complete or effective when sender and receiver both share the message or information which means two way communication exactly. Therefore, a complete communication system refers two way communication.

08. Accuracy of understanding: If information which is sent to the desired receiver contains any vagueness or confusion, it is difficult to understand the actual meaning of the message. To solve this problem,. Two way communication is the effective one.

The above mentioned discussion indicates the reason behind two-way communication. These help us to understand and measure about the Importance of Two Way Communication in the Workplace or Business Organization.

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