Difference between Micro-Economics and Macro-Economics

In the modern era, Economics is analyzed at two different standpoints, One is for individual or Micro analysis and another one is whole or Macro-analysis. Although These two are totally depended on each other and self-respected. But in the discussion arena, these two discussed with different segments of Economics.

microeconomics and macroeconomics
Some remarkable difference between Micro-Economics and Macro-Economics are following below:
  • Micro Economics works for a small segment of total Economical condition While Macro Economics talks about Big picture. 
  • Which variable is fixed on Micro analysis, It can be changeable on Macro analysis. 
  • Micro Economics is a part of Macro Economics. Macro Economics is the big picture and contains Micro analysis. 
  • The discussion field of Micro Analysis is narrow because it talks about a small units of Economics. On the contrary, The discussion field of Macro Analysis is wide because it talks about wide units of Economics. 
  • In Micro Economics, economical activities of every individual or organization is discussed separately such as demand of one consumer or supply of one seller or production policies of one producer etc. But in Macro Economics, economical activities of every individual or organization is not discussed alone, because it discussed vastly. It discusses about together all individuals, all sellers, all producers.