How to Overcome Barriers to Communication

Any type of barrier to communication is a threat and can cause miscommunication, misconception and confusion. All these work against unity, teamwork & co-ordination. The following activities can help to overcome the barriers to communication:

1. Feedback: To make communication effective, there must be feedback from receiver. Without feedback, the communication process remains incomplete.

2. Idea about the Receiver: Sender should have better ideas regarding the thought, feelings and opinion of receiver of the message. Such ideas will help the sender to make a fruitful communication.

3. Attentive Listening: To make an effective communication, both sender and receiver should be attentive listener from their respective position.

4. Use of Simple and Meaningful Words: Communication must avoid vague words and use simple words which are meaningful in the mind of receiver.

5. Informal Relations: Before making any formal communication,  informal relations can play a vital role to make communication effective.

6. Employee Conference: Open discussion between higher officials and subordinates may create a better environment for communication.

7. Efficient Management: Efficient communication system in any organization depends on the management efficiency. Poor management causes poor communication. So, management should be efficient enough to make its communication system up-to-date.

8. Selection of Right Media: The media for communication should be selected according to organizational environment, importance & the size of message, position of receiver and other relevant aspects. Wrong selection of media will obviously cause miscommunication.

9. Communication Training: Higher officials and subordinates should be given practical training regarding the types of communication, nature of communication, method for overcoming barriers to communication and other aspects of communication.

10. Re-Organization: Effective communication depends much on the organizational structure. It is seen that horizontal communication is very much productive. So, reorganization of organizational structure may be required to activate horizontal communication.

11. Consistency between Word and Work: If the work is according to word then communication becomes effective and fruitful and barriers to communication can overcome.

12. Reducing Unnecessary Information: Unnecessary information causes confusion and kills time. Relevant information should be considered to make proper communication.

13. More Publications: Organization should give opportunity to its employees and staffs for expressing their own view and opinion through reports, journals, magazines and other publications. This helps a lot to become frank in opinion. And it works also for overcoming barriers to communication.

14. Communication Audit: Communication audit acts as a fruitful method to improve communication. It examines the network,  activities, process and principles of communication and therefore recommends for improvement.

15. Orientation: Newly appointed employees should be given idea regarding objectives, activities, functions, principles and structure of an organization so that they become conscious about their role during communication.

At conclusion, If above mentioned discussion are followed, Barriers to communication must be avoided.