Disadvantages of Informal Communication/Grapevine

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Although informal communication creates so many advantages but they are not free from drawbacks or limitations. Some significant demerits or disadvantages of informal communication system are as follows:

1. Distortion: Informal communication networks do not follow any set of rules, definite liners or ways. So it can transmit any kind of information to any person without any respect or fear. It may spread wrong or distorted news which may sometimes prove harmful even to the employees. So, it is the one of most considerable disadvantages of informal communication.

2. Lack of Secrecy: In informal communication, everybody can freely interact as there are no restriction or rules. Any secret matter is likely to be flashed without any problem or hesitation. This may cause a huge damage to any organization.

3. Incomplete Information: Information released from such communication network is usually incomplete. So, There is each and every chance of it to be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

4. Non-Co-Operation: Sometimes, confusion develops among the persons involved in informal communication. As a result, they may remain separate without any co-operation.

5. Lack of Resistance: As informal communication does not follow any established system, it is beyond any control. Organization has no mechanism to resist its movement.

6. Huge Rumor: Most of the time,  informal communication fabricates the real facts and makes some rosy picture. This really damages the working environment of any organization.

7. Misunderstanding: Lack of conduct, decency, decorum and rules cause misunderstanding in informal communication. As a result there may be conflict between employees.

8. Committing Mistakes: This sort of communication are subject to errors and mistakes because no officials rules or regulation operate in this case of informal communication.

9. Difficult to Control: Such communication can produce division or groups and subgroups in the  organization. People involved here do not follow any rules and regulation as they depend on their own philosophy. All these may destroy the control of the respective authority.

For the above demerits or disadvantages of informal communication system, Such communication is required to be used with great care and caution.