Essential Factors/Conditions of Communication Environment

There are some factors that play a vital role to create communicative environment. Such factors are responsible for effective communication and therefore they are highlighted below:

1. Simple use of word
Communication should be made with simple language so that it creates clean meaning and understanding. Difficult words make communication difficult and vague words create confusion and technical words are not known to all. So, to be clear & simple in word should be the intention towards effective communication.

2. Use of Uniform Language
The language should be uniformed and understandable to both sender and the receiver. If there is difficult language used by the sender and receiver then the objective of  communication becomes fruitless and ineffective. For example, if sender is using Japanese language whereas receiver is using English then there will be no communication at all.

3. Two Parties
Without two parties there cannot be any communication. One party must send the message and another party must receive it or listen it. This two parties are subject to communication process. Absence of any one does not create any situation for communication.

4. Feedback
An effective communication means such a communication that has feedback. Feedback makes the sender aware and helps him to communicate further. Without proper feedback, communication is one sided which is undesirable.

5. Complete Information
All necessary and sufficient information should be communicated so that there is no confusion or misunderstanding. Any sort of incompleteness will hamper the intention of communication as well as there will be wastage of time, effort and money. We can draw attention such as Formal communication has sticky rules and regulation. That's why it bears complete information carefully. On the other hand, Informal communication or Grapevine communication may turn into different information gradually. But both communication need bear the information completely. 

From the above discussion, It is very clear that communication environment need to be constructed with the help of above factors. Absence of any element will obviously destroy the intention behind any communication.