Importance of Mass Communication in Business

Mass communication is widely used in the fields of business. It plays a vital role in establishing relationship with the market. Without it business cannot think of any function. A brief discussion in this connection is presented below:

1. Beginning Stage
When a business emerges, it needs to inform the general public regarding its nature and objective. When business is transformed into joint stock company, there is huge requirement of public interaction because of prospectus issue, selling of shares, distribution of shares and other activities which involve communication with public. Everything here is done through mass communication.

2. Publicity for Goods
People are required to know  about the product or services provided by a business concern. Without any publicity, it is impossible to complete in the market. Such publicity is conveniently done through mass media.

3. To Complete in the Market
The business of today is very competitive because every producer tries to convince its customer with new product or service. Business firm is always looking for creative idea and therefore satisfying its customer. For any slight change,  business firm doesn't hesitate to communicate with the general people. It always makes the people aware by giving information regarding its product or service. Here, business firm takes the help of mass media.

4. Forecasting Demand
Producers forecast the demand of its product and produce accordingly. Mass communication helps the producers to collect information in this connection.

5. Economic Development
For economic development in a country, There must be investment and such investment comes from saving. mass communication can help capital saving through wide publicity. On the other hand, Mass media can draw attention of mass investors.

6. Market Survey
Business Organizations, particularly the Organization producing consumer goods resort to mass communication to conduct a survey on price, design quality of goods, customer's taste and capacity etc. in one word customers feedback.

7. Creating Social Link
To create social awareness, mass communication plays a vital role, crime, terrorism, bribe, corruption and other issues are highlighted through mass media. Furthermore, every concern in the society interacts with the mass people thorough mass communication.

8. Some others importance of Mass Communication in Business
Mass communication is also very helpful in the following case:
  • Change of name and address of a firm. 
  • Change of ownership
  • Opening of a new branch. 
  • Declaration of dividend
  • Reduction of sales price.
  • Admission or retirement of a partner.
  • Death, marriage or anniversary. 
  • Spreading education.
  • Developing international relation.
  • Forming pubic opinion.
  • Informing about Companies various meeting.