Definition of Mass Communication

Mass communication is a special kind of social communication involving distinctive characteristics of the audience, the communication experience and the communicator. The term 'Mass' means large or huge people. When communication occurs between large people it is defined as mass communication. But such definition is not all. Actually, mass communication is a process through which a message is widely circulated among the persons who are far and away from the source. For mass communication, a large number of audience, some intermediary channels and vast boundaries of space are required.

Mass communication tools are TV., Radio, Newspapers etc.

Sydney Head suggest five things for mass communication,  which are...
  1. Large audience.
  2. No difference among audience. 
  3. Some form of message reproduction.
  4. Quick distribution of message.
  5. Low unit cost to the customers
In the light of above discussion, it can be said that mass communication is a process of communicating with general people quickly at a time through the use of various channels like radio, television or newspapers etc.

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