Objectives or Purposes of Mass Communication

Mass communication conveys important matters to mass people. There are some worth mentionable purposes of mass communication.A communicator has several objectives or purposes in his mind to achieve through mass communication. The following are the notable purpose of mass communication:

1. To Achieve
The main objective of mass communication is  to achieve the target of the Organization by motivating and influencing the target audience. Here audience may be management of the business,  employees, suppliers,  creditors, bankers,  debtors, shareholders, regulatory bodies,  government, agencies, customers and the society as a whole.

2. To Inform
Another important purpose of mass communication is to inform the public locally or globally. It is a kind of appeal of a sender to the receivers.

3.To Raise Public Opinion
Creation of public opinion is also to be treated another important purpose of mass communication.

4. To Grab the Market
Nowadays, Business is extending beyond its territory and for this it is using the electronic media. It is continuously changing its appeal towards consumers and customers. The advertising of multinational companies involves creativity and attracts the user group with different approaches. 

5. To Play Diplomatic Role
Mass media are sometimes used to exercise influence in international politics. Such communication helps to reduce the adverse relationship existing between two countries.

6. To Entertain
Mass communication also gives pleasure and amusements through the effect of sound, pictures & animation and creates enjoyable social environment.  e.g. Cinema, Drama, Video clip etc. On the other hand, Mass communication environment is the source of entertainment nowadays. So its objectives remain to maintain the source activities.

7. To Face Emergencies
Combined and co-operative efforts of the mass people are essential to face emergency situation like  natural calamities & foreign aggression. Mass communication does the job of  influencing people to face such emergencies.

8. To Solve Employee Problems
When management tries to avoid the problems of employee then mass communication highlights the issue and calls for early situation.

9. To implement educational program
Mass communication now a days help to expand and implement educational programs. Primary, Vocational or Technical education are widely spread through radio, television, newspapers etc.

10. To Explain Public Policy
Govt. policies related with national issues need public support. Such issues are therefore circulated among the people through mass media.

11. To Socialization
Mass communication refers to the way in which an individual comes to adopt the behavior and values of a group. Mass media present tradition of society and by observing that we learn how people get support to act and what values are important.

From the above discussion, It is clear that the objective of mass communication are multidimensional.