Frustration-Definition and meaning of Frustration

Frustration is a psychological condition of a person. Frustration grows from mental disorder. Every one has want or necessity. To fulfill such wants or necessities everyone has strong intention. But due to limitation of capabilities and wealth, a person has also limitation to fulfill such wants or necessities. From these  limitation, mental unsatisfactory condition grows and gradually that condition turns into frustration.

To overcome frustration, It has been found that proper if proper motivation can be given to the frustrated person, The person may recover it. For this reason, giving proper motivation to employees or an individual is considered as a key point to overcome such bad thing.

To cover FRUSTRATION in business organization, we have made following resources so that a business learner can learn well about frustration and take care this concern well. Nevertheless, Some of following may be helpful for non-business learner also.

  1. What is frustration in industry
  2. Sources of growing frustration
  3. Effect of frustration on the quality of performance
  4. Symptoms/Characteristics of frustration
  5. How to remove frustration or procedure  of dealing with frustration
  6. Is frustration always harmful ?