Sources of Frustration and Types of Frustration

Everyone has a goal in the case of working. Without aim or goal no one works! In other words, behavior of everyman is for fulfilled a goal.....a minor or a vast. But we know that for being successful with every goal or in every objective, a person must face some obstacles. Some of those obstacles may be big or so big or small. That's why target of a man all times gets barriers.  Some of men who are fallen in problem, can retrieve and conquer those barriers in the path of success and finally achieve the test of success. But some of men can't bear more the pain of failure. They fall into frustration.


Frustration has some different sources to be produced and grown. They are discussed below: 

1. Environmental Frustration: Sometimes frustration grows from our surrounding environment in which we live or work. For this reason, Environment of a frustrated person is responsible in many cases for growing frustration in his mind. Because, when a person faces unfavorable environment in the path of his working and long term goal, He becomes frustrated. This types of frustration is called as environmental frustration.

2. Personal Frustration: Every man has some expectations and personal wants. Everyone reserve those. On the other hand,  The qualities and abilities of a person is limited. It means that capability of a person is always limited. With limited capabilities, no one can fulfilled all wants and expectation in one life. For this reason, one can not becomes what he wants to be. Personal frustration grows from this point.

3. Conflicting Frustration: Sometimes there are happened conflict between industry owner and workers, workers to workers. Such conflict makes industrial worker nervous, and gloomy. Such incident creates psychological pressure for those workers. Gradually, such psychological pressure and gloominess turns into frustration. This types of frustration is called as conflicting frustration.

4. Motivational conflict: Motivation is one kind of power which makes a person delightful for work. Furthermore, Positive motivation can makes a man dynamical and encourages for work. For this reason, every management tries to use motivation to increase productiveness of their workers. On the other hand, Motivation decrease mental pressure of a person. But when a worker feel proper motivation, only then that person feels one kind of pressure. Gradually, that pressure turns into frustration.

Most of time, frustration is bad for everyone. For proper usage of resources and minimum wastage of resources along with increasing productivity among workers, Management should apply proper steps against growing frustration among its workers.