Communication in Managerial Efficiency

Managerial efficiency is the ability of managing to perform the task by optimal utilization of resources and minimum wastage of resources. Managerial efficiency involves two words managerial and efficiency. The  term managerial signifies on the various activities as like as planning, organizing, directing, motivating, and controlling, whereas, efficiency means using resources on the basis of justification and without waste. So, managerial efficiency can be defined as the ability of manager to perform his task by optimal utilization of resources and minimum wastage of resources.

As we know communication is a process of exchanging information, message, idea or emotion between two or more persons, it shapes or modifies human behavior, makes change in the structure and helps to match between actual and expectation, therefore the goal o f and entity is achieved.

Now, how communication influences managerial efficiency can be explained in-terms of following points:

1. Communication informs managers about the current position or level of the business.
2. Better and effective communication helps managers to be pro-active.
3. Through communication, manager can discover about the characteristics and attitudes of his employees.
4.  Communication allows manager to take strategic decisions.
5. Communication helps to evaluate performance of the employees and it also deals with sound labor management relations.
6. Through communication over a long period, a manager can acquire better encoding techniques to organize ideas, become more effective of obtaining and interpreting feedback and can enhance his skills.
7. Management can use various types of communication to achieve its goals such as formal communication and informal communication or upward communication and downward communication. Management must use from those to maintain its smooth functions.

From the above discussion, it can be said that managerial activities can not be thought of without communication. It stimulates managerial capabilities and efficiency.