Motivation is the Life of Management

Management is the combination of some factors like planning, organizing, staffing, motivating and controlling. So motivation is one of the most important parts of management. Basically motivation is the way to inspire the employees. On the other hand motivation is related with human behavior that can be fulfilled when a person gets good behave, attitude and essential basic needs. By this motivation the employees work freely in the organization.

There are some elements are needed to operate the organization like man, raw materials, equipments, technology and market etc.  Man is the most important and complicated element among them. The authority has to more careful to control the man. Because of this is not possible to take the work by giving force. So if the workers not do their duty willingly it is complicated to reach the goal of the organization.

The worker’s mentality, working ability, inspiration, will be decreased if they don’t get the motivation. As a result the production of the organization also decreases. The worker doesn’t follow the authority direction. This is destructive for the organization.

On the other hand motivation gives satisfaction to the employees. They always try to fulfill their responsibility and duty. They maintain the rules and regulation of the organization. They follow the authority direction. As a result the production also increases of the organization. This is creative for the organization. So motivation helps to achieve the organization goal.

At the concluded point, motivation creates effective workers. It inspires the employees to perform their duty. It helps all other part of the management. It also helps to earn the goal of the organization. So we can say that motivation is the life of management