Definition of Secretary

The word secretary has been produced from the Latin word 'Secretarius' which means secret. As we know secret refers to something which is not disclosed or something kept as private or confidential. Therefore, a secretary is a person who performs some activities which are confidential in nature. But in modern days, a secretary does not deal with secrets only; he carries on correspondence, documentation & recording, meeting related functions, supervision and various administration jobs.

As per explanation from Oxford Dictionary...
"A secretary is a person who is employed to conduct correspondence on behalf of an individual or a company and also to execute filing, documentation and administration functions."
It is very hard to give an universal definition of a secretary because his activity differs according to the scope of function of an organization or company. But we can conclude that a secretary is a person who is entrusted to perform all types of correspondence whether oral or written and deals with meeting, documentation & recording and other administrative work of an entity.