What are the limitations of communication model

Communication model plays a vital role in understanding the communication process,  Although importance of communication model can't be denied and such models are useful in many ways, Yet they suffer from some limitations which are as follows:

1. Symbolic Representation: A model is a symbolic representation of the communication process. Details are not available in a communication model. without details sound decision is hampered.

2. Inflexibility : Communication is an ever-changing process. But communication models are given through symbols which are inflexible or rigid.

3. Only Relevant things are represented: Less important elements or any supporting information are not shown in a communication model. So, it is very difficult to form a true idea about the massage from a model.

4. Premature Ending: Initiators of communication models think that their work is enough and includes all. But their thinking is wrong. Researchers lose their interest for further because of such thinking.

5. Cost-Benefit Aspect: Preparation of any model requires a lot of money as well as valuable time. But the benefits may be less from the application of such model. Hence it is a problem.

6. Requirement of Skilled Manpower: The development of communication model requires skilled manpower. Such manpower may not be available always.

After analyzing above discussion we can say that communication model includes some limitations or disadvantageous. But it is yet applied in communication.