Nature of Mass Communication

Mass communication is the a type of communication process of sending message to a large number of heterogeneous audiences at a time by using some media. It possesses all the features of great communication. But there are some unique characteristics of mass communication. The nature of mass communication can be divided into three types which are as follows:
  1. Micro and Macro- Mass Communication.
  2. Capitalistic and Socialistic Patterns of Mass Communication.
  3. Islamic Approach and Non-Islamic Approach of Mass Communication.

The following short description of each may give a better idea:

1. Micro and Macro Mass Communication
When any individual interact with his higher officials, subordinates or colleagues in terms of any message, nes or information, it is called micro mass communication. such communication happens within the limited persons and within the organization e.g. production report placed to the Chief Executive Officer.

Whereas when communication is intended towards general people, it is called macro mass communication. such communication happens to consider the external and large people outside the organization. This is also called universal communication e.g. advertisement of any product in radio or television.

2. Capitalistic and Socialistic Patterns of Mass Communication
In capitalistic society, market pays the major role in the economy. People have freedom to raise their voice and therefore there are free flow of news or information. There is no restriction towards the media agencies and therefore they can independently perform their functions or activities.

But in socialistic economy, mass communication is subject to various limitations or regulations imposed by the state. Information or news cannot freely move as state always have control over them and state some times censors many information for its interest. People have little and limited voice and therefore mass communication is always found to be problematic.

3. Islamic Approach and Non-Islamic Approach of Mass Communication
Goods which are prohibited in Islam that cannot be advertised in the Muslim countries. For example, Wine is forbidden in Islam. So any kinds of advertisement related to wine is totally prohibited and goes against Islam.

But in Non-Islamic countries, there are no such restriction and therefore wine is widely produced, advertisement and consumed there.

Study with mass communication has lot of benefits for an organization. The above nature of mass communication gives us idea which are helpful for solution of any problem.