Scope of Mass Communication

Basically, Technological advancement has tremendously enhanced the scope of mass communication. Scope of mass communication is much extensive. Because of advancement of world civilization, the scope of economic activities is increasing day by day. Particularly after the industrial revolution a rapid development happened in  trade, commerce, and industrial sector. All these have given emphasis to the mass communication which is now so pervasive that it touches social, commercial, national or international lives. Areas covered by mass communication are highlighted below:

1. Trade and Commerce
A large scale organization needs a huge quantity of raw materials, tools, automatic machinery and various fuel or energy. It also requires a large number of human resources for production and other activities. Mass communication facilitates the organization to meet its various purposes or functions.

2. Social Affairs
Mass communication also influences our social affairs. Unbearable sufferings caused by natural calamities or disasters get noticed by the help of such communication. People at home and abroad come forward and raise their helping hands to the victims. Other social activities, events or problems are highlighted through the channel of mass communication.

3. Human Resources Management
Business requires human resources for its various operations or functions. So, It recruits skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled manpower from the society. It gives further training to recruited manpower and makes them familiar with the job and communication environment. Here business takes the help of mass communication.

4. Political Affairs
Mass communication has powerful access to political affairs, creation of any public issue, convincing people, expressing feelings and agreements to the general public and other. Political activities require a great deal of mass communication in terms of radio, news papers,  television etc. Even international politics are also influenced largely by mass communication through electronic media.

5. State Affairs
The annual plan, policy, program & procedure of a state are circulated through mass communication and communication ministry of a state performs a vital role here and uses various electronic media to serve their purposes. Thus their objective of mass communication are completed.

6 . International Affairs
People now a days have every opportunity to visualize the activity happening in any part of the world because of advancement of technology. With the passage of time, communication is getting more and more strength and therefore covering the whole world.

7. Education
It is the another way where mass communication is widely used. Education such as primary, vocational or technical are highly encouraged through television, radio and newspapers.

8. Advertisement of Products and Services
Mass communication is using widely for products and services publicity. There is no alternative of mass communication for products publicity. For this reason business organization use mass media like radio, newspapers and television.
mass communication
Actually the scope of mass communication is unlimited. It surrounds directly or indirectly, all the affairs related to human being.