Essential Factors of Mass Communication

Mass communication requires some factors to be considered all the time for its successful activation. Those factors are highlighted below:

1. More than One Party
There must be two parties to be involved in mass communication. One party will be the sender and other party will be the receiver in mass communication. The interaction between the two parties will create a meaningful picture.

2. Appropriate Media
When communication uses the appropriate media of Mass communication,  the communication becomes fruitful.  Lack of proper media may create confusion and misunderstanding. The intention of communication can be destroyed for using poor media.

3. Exchanging of Opinions
There must be exchange of words, views, news messages, opinions or emotions between sender and receiver to make a communicative environment.

4. Place of Origin
Message must arise from a source which will give the sender proper knowledge to provide feedback. Source ensures validity of the message.

5. Acceptability and Feedback
Every communication has an objective and such objective becomes true when receiver understands properly the message which is received by him. In reply, receiver will give his acceptance and answer what the sender has asked for.

6. Use of Symbol
In mass communication carious code, sign and symbols are used to make an effective communication. And the use of such makes the message simple, concise and meaningful.

For Example
For Heavy Storming in the Sea: Signal 10
For Money Transaction: $(Dollar)

7. Objectives
Without any objective, if any message is sent then it is nothing but wastage of time and money. The message must be meaningful and simple to become clear in the mind of receiver. Lack of proper objective, it will raise confusion and hamper the goodwill of sender.

8. Other Factors
Proper encoding & decoding, attractive formation of the content of message, active attention, courtesy should also be considered during mass communication.

So, A mass communication is not dependent to a single factor rather it requires the full participation of above mentioned factors.