Meaning or Definition of Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior word has been consisted of two different words "Organization" and "Behavior". Organization means a disciplined and regulatory process by which planned objective turns into realistic. On the other hand, Here. Behavior means human behaviors inside a organization.

So, Organizational behavior can be defined as it is an interdisciplinary subjects which covers the study of workers or employees related behavior inside a organization.

In different words, Organizational behavior is the all kind of organizations or inside a organization behavior of labor-worker-employees mutual connectivity. Such as: Business Organization, School, Service based organization etc.

Without human psychological issues,  there are more subject included with organizational behavior;
♣ Economics
♣ Human Behavior
♣ Organizational Structure and responsibility related elements.
♣ For achieving organizational goal integrated working process etc.

Different authors have defined Organizational Behavior on their aspects:
Stephen P. Robbins states as "Organizational Behavior studies the impact that individuals, groups and structure have on behavior within organization for the purpose applying such knowledge toward improving n organizations effectiveness."

Keith Davis quoted as " Organizational Behavior is the study and application of knowledge about how people act within organization."

Fred Luthans said as "Organization Behavior is directly concerned with the understanding prediction and control of human behavior in organization."

After above discussion and definitions of famous scholar , We can state as Organization Behavior observes the human activities within a organization and apply its respective power to maintain an organization. It is also related to right application, other social elements such as organizational structure, technology and external social  system etc.