Difference Between the Communication Process and Communication Model

Communication process and Communication model are just like the two sides of the same coin. There are many similarities between these two.

The method which is used to exchange information between two or more persons is called communication process.

On the contrary, When communication process is represented through any figure  or visual method is called communication model.

In spite of many similarities between the two, they differ on the following grounds.

Difference Between Communication process & Communication Model
DiffirencesCommunication Model Communication Process
01. Definition the whole process that starts from sending and ends up with receiving of any message or information if represented through verbal, arithmetical or pictorial way can be defined as communication model. A communication process is a process or a series of some step by step tasks or cyclical interaction of some tasks which started from a communicator and using a system reaches to a receiver and the receiver provides feedback to the sender.
02. Nature It is symbolic and pictorial representation.It is a theoretical concept.
03. Phases It has no phases of its own.Usually it has six phases i.e.
Idea → Encoding → Transmission → Receiving → Message → Decoding → Feedback
04. Channel It can be explained only with help of television. It can be explained through radio and television both.
05. Designing Specially trained workers are required to draw communication modelNo necessary of expert to design communication process.
Wastage of time
It needs comparatively less time to draw pictures and graphs.Making as well as explanation of communication process require time.
07. Complexity It is presented in a simple way.It is a complex matter being narrative in natures.
08. Effectiveness Communication model being symbolic has more effect in the mind of users.Communication process describes communication system theoretically. So it has limited effect to the users.
09. Identification of fault and defect Fault, and defect are easily located in communication model because it is visible.It is very difficult to identify fault and defect from communication process because it narrative in nature.