Important Characteristics of the Grapevine Communication

More and wide  information can be transmitted through grapevine communication system. But there is also some negative ideas about grapevine communication system. But another image is shown by the reality. In the real world, it exists together with the formal communication system. Grapevine as an informal communication pathway bears the following characteristics:

1. Huge Impact: A large number of employees in an organization depends on the grapevine because they consider this as the primary source of information as well as the reliable channel to communicate about the facts and events within the firm.

2. Extensive: Grapevine links the whole organization very quickly. From top to bottom of an organization, no body is left from the touch of grapevine. That's why sometimes grapevine communication is considered very effective communication.

3. Flexibility: It is more flexible than formal channels because formal channels require various formalities whereas grapevine is free from those formalities. Gossiping,  sharing moments or conversation are enough to create a grapevine. 

4. Speed: Information moves very quickly through the grapevine. Grapevine runs faster than the wind.

5. Distortion: Information spreading through grapevine is like to be distorted as it moves point to point, terminal to terminal or person to person. e.g. Mr. X got married recently such information can be distorted as Mr. X got married outside of his country two years ago.

6. Oral Way: Grapevine uses oral techniques more rather than written or non-verbal techniques. As oral communication involves less time, grapevine is likely to be dependent on oral mode.

7. Large Receivers: As the text or essence of grapevine is catchy, there exists large receivers to deal with it. A huge number of individuals are always there to take part in grapevine.

8. Extra Ability: Grapevine can pierce the strong security and can flew from mouth to month very easily. It has more ability to spread throughout the whole organization.

9. Unsaid Information: Grapevine normally carries those information that the formal communication does not wish to convey. Information based on fabrication or rumor is supposed to be transmitted more in a better way through grapevine.

10. Contradictory Information: The same information which is transmitted through formal chain can be distorted and therefore can raise contradiction if it passes through grapevine.