What is Oral Communication

Oral communication is one of various types of communication which is submitted by the sender through the word of mouth. It gets the shape of speech and listening. It happens by words arranged in meaningful patterns.

Oral communication happens across group discussion, speech, face to face conversation, telephones, and in meetings and conferences.

Oral communication conveys different types of social and work related news, information and trends to be rather accurate and faster than the most used formal communication channel.  So, oral communication refers to the following matters- face to face conversations, conversations over telephone, radio broadcasts, interviews, group discussions, meetings, conferences, seminars and speeches etc.

Oral communication is used when the faster ways of communication is needed or need to be deliver information directly. By oral communication, management can spread messages to the relevant persons withing very short time.

From the above discussion with oral communication, We find out some characteristics of such communication which are below:

1. Oral communication happens through the delivery of words of mouth one person to another.
2. Receiver uses his hear to listen.
3. Oral communication is faster way to spread out information, message etc.

So, communication which takes place by the using of words of mouth and listening is called oral communication which is a faster way rather than any other short of formal communication and informal communication.