Characteristics or Features of Motivation

Motivation is a process which related with the workers mental satisfaction. Such motivation can be financially or non-financially. Usually, a motivated person is more productive then a demotivated person.

However, There are some features of motivation which differs from other management function. Some important features of motivation are discussed below.

1. Man is the Center Point

Man is the center point in motivation process. Because of employees is the only one part of the motivation. The encouragement and inspiration of workers are depended on the motivation. So it is the most important features of motivation.

2. Influence on Mind
The second important features of motivation are the influence on the worker’s mind. Motivation increases the hidden mental talent. It is better for the authority to lead the employees. Employees also get the proper direction and can complete the proper work.

3. Expression of Result by Behavior
Motivation is the forces that energies behavior gives direction to behavior and underlies the tendency to persist. The aim of the motivation process is to create a positive emotion among the workers. So motivation is an internal force.

4. To Motive People
One of the important features of motivation is to motivate people. Workers are the main power of the production process in an organization. The workers have some targets for work in the organization. The main target is to get some facility. Management try to provide proper facility to the employees.

5. Motivation doesn’t always Depends on Money
Usually if a person wants to live in a better life, he will need more money. But we have to mind it that everything is carried by the money. Motivation doesn’t always depend on the money because it is related with the human mentality. The authority good behave with the employees doesn’t need money.  So it is totally related with the mental satisfaction.

6. Motivation is the Element of Work Force
Motivation is one of the most important elements of work force. It is the main source of work forces. Without motivation the workers cannot work properly in the organization.  Proper motivation inspires the employees.

7. Motivation is the Continuous Process
Motivation is a continuous process in management system. In an organization always expect that the employees complete their responsibility with inspiration and satisfaction. This expectation is not only for a specific time period. If this process stopped then the employees feel dis- satisfaction.

8. Motivation Creates Desire
Desire comes from satisfaction. Every person has some hidden dream and goal. They don’t get opportunity to express their desire. Motivation reflects human desires. It helps to express to desire of the employees. So it is a important features of the motivation process.

Motivation is a management tool by which management can motivate their employees and get maximum output from them. Although motivation process is a continuous process. As we've just shown the features of motivation, It is now easier to guess that lower motivation is harmful for organization.