Different Types of Motivation or Classification of Motivation

Motivation is the process which inspires the workers in their work and satisfied their needs. This is related with the human mentality. Motivation process should be continued. However, There are two types of motivation. Now we discuss about the types of motivation.

1. Internal Motivation
Internal motivation come from worker's mind. It usually depends on the job satisfaction, Group environment and management aspects etc. Whenever, an employee remains happy with his job, internal motivation grows.

2. External Motivation
External motivation come from management authority. Speech of the authority is effective for external motivation. But this not enough, sometimes other steps also can be taken to motivate the workers. External motivation can be adjusted with the financial benefit because human needs being satisfied by money.

External motivation can be divided into two types. Like-
1.    Financial motivation
2.    Non-financial motivation.

Financial motivation
When the authority motivate the employees by giving financial support is called financial motivation. This is related with bonus, gratuity, residential support etc. this motivation not only increase the production of the company but also increases the living standard of the employees.

Non-financial Motivation
Motivation is not only related with the finance. It is also adjusted with the non financial activities. This is the technical way of inspire the employees. like- security of the job, well behave, promotion etc are the example of non-financial motivation.

As motivation is a continued process, Management should focus on it continuously. Different types of motivation are meant different ways of motivating employees basically.