Motivation Process Explained

Motivation is a continuous process. It is summation of some continuous steps. The wants of human cannot be ended. When one want fulfill then another want come here. Motivation is one kind of human want or desire. So it cannot be ended. It has a continuous process with some important steps. Now we show these steps of motivation.

1. Unsatisfied need
Motivation process is started with the unsatisfied need. It is come from any kind of expectation from the employees. It also comes from different deprivation of employees’ right. Unsatisfied need is introduced from some desire expectations. Example: Mr. X wants to purchase a new car and this is unsatisfied need for him.

2. Increase tension
When a person faces unsatisfied need as a result his mental tension will be increased. If the needs fulfilled then his mental tension will be decreased. Otherwise the workers feel frustration and unsatisfied to do the duty and the production of the organization also reduces. So it can be affected the whole organization.

3. Effort
The workers always give best forces to fulfill their demand. Tension started from the unsatisfied need and effort started from the tension. This effort is only achieving the certain goal. This effort will be continuous until the needs fulfill. Example: Mr. X needs a new car. Now his effort is to manage money for purchase the car.

4. Satisfied need
If the worker’s effort brings success then it can be said that the need or demand of worker is fulfilled. On the other hand if the worker’s effort doesn’t bring success then the worker feel frustration and mentally they will be affected.

5. Decreased tension
A person tension decreases when he can fulfill all his needs. Because this tension created from the unsatisfied needs. But his tension again increases when he faces a new unsatisfied need. Example: Mr. X purchases a new car. But now he wants to purchase a new beautiful apartment.

At last we can say that motivation is a continuous process. It is come from workers need. When one need completed then another need also created.  It can not be ended. So these are the important steps of motivation process.